No Wasting Time For Jayne Moore 

Jayne Moore Sunset

Everybody knows that the life of an international supermodel involves intrigue and ingenuity, much like a secret agent, but quite often people have no idea what supermodels do when not in front of the camera. We tend to take for granted that models, such as England-born Jayne Moore, are required to jump, leap, and balance in precarious heels, look cool while suspended from invisible wires, and know how to work their hair and angles sufficiently for action shots, but what happens when the lights go off? Is it all glamour and champagne 24 hours a day? Not for Jayne Moore, it isn’t.

Jayne Moore Supermodel

Jayne actually studied Psychology and Accounting at college before falling into a modeling career, as each academic subject satisfied her needs to express the abstract and the concrete. Her psychology courses helped with her considerations of human behavior, unlocking the mysteries of, as Jayne so aptly puts it, “how circumstance and environment can not only shape and affect the people we become, but also have us act in the now, in ways we think we never could or would.”

Jayne Moore

To balance the cerebral speculation of her Psychology courses, Jayne sought a route of practicality, strategy, and formula through Accounting courses. She aspired to become a Chartered Accountant, and eventually an Auditor, but when an opportunity for modeling arrived, her contacts at PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG supported her decision to defer her entry for a year. “The rest is now,” as she says, “history.”

Jayne Moore

And what a history it is. When not bringing products to life for American Beauty, Calvin Klein, John Frieda, or a host of others, Jayne Moore can be found designing jewelry, silversmithing, or lost wax carving. Although she received a diploma for Interior Design from the UK’s National Design Academy in 2006, she feels especially close to her lost wax carving skills and techniques, enough so to consider jewelry design and fabrication as a small side business when she gets the free time. For Jayne Moore, there is always too little time and so much to do when the camera is off.

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore


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