Jayne Moore Blends Fantasy and Reality

Jayne Moore

British born model, Jayne Moore, has been on the modeling scene for over a decade, rocking through every year with her tall, stunningly fit physique and fiercely seductive blue eyes. Jayne has landed campaigns for luxury brand giants such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Calvin Klein, Garnier, Vince Camuto, Bloomingdales and many, many others.

Jayne Moore sunset model

Since Jayne Moore was young, she has fantasized about traveling around the world to places like Bora Bora and the Maldives. She was so obsessed with travel that she would collect travel brochures from the travel agencies and look at them over and over to delight in the white sandy beaches and turquoise water. She always dreamed of being able to visit places like these, and now, as a top fashion model, her dreams have turned into reality.

Jayne Moore Supermodel body

Jayne is still waiting to shoot for a spa experience in the Maldives, but she is not complaining because her modeling career has given her the unique opportunity to truly explore nearly every corner of the world.

Jayne Moore Supermodel

For Jayne Moore, looking back at her modeling career is like looking back through snapshots she has taken in her mind. She admits to have been lucky enough to have cool experiences with outrageously creative people. One of her favorite memories as a model is when she shot in Grand Central Station at midnight with Annie Leibovitz. Another dream come true for Jayne is when she works with Pamela Hanson, British photographer and filmmaker. Pamela, Jayne says, let’s you “play” in whatever role you are taking on for the shoot. She let’s your own imagine and creativity come through, and always manages to capture the essence of the moment.
Jayne Moore Supermodel black and white

Jayne recalls a time when she was shooting swimwear all day from 7am to 6pm in a remote location in Chile. The location was terribly cold, as were the huts they slept in. But the crew, as often happens, Jayne says, develops a unity as they discover and go through things together. Jayne’s favorite part of the day happened in the evening when the hosts built a huge fire and everyone huddled around it to keep warm, cook food, drink wine, and reflect on the day’s events.

JAYNE MOORE Argentovivo


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