Model Jayne Moore Talks about Exercise, Diet and Bad Habits

Model Jayne Moore has proven herself in the modeling world. She has secured campaigns with some of the most luxurious companies around the globe including Macy’s, Saks, and Calvin Klein. But it takes more than just exceptional good looks and a dazzling smile to stay on top of the modeling game. It takes a strict exercise regimen, good daily eating habits, being consistent with important daily rituals, and most of all, maintaining a positive, glowing outlook.

Jayne Moore

A model’s most important assets are her hair, skin, body and face. According to Jayne, it’s extremely important to look after your skin by cleansing, toning and moisturizing religiously (her brand of choice are products by Mario Badescu). Hair treatments are necessary because of the daily “abuse” a model’s hair goes through like straightening, blow drying, and teasing. Water is essential to every beauty regimen because it purifies and hydrates, allowing that inner glow to shine brightly.

Jayne Moore

Exercise is extremely important both for staying in optimal health and for staying ready for any challenging work environment. Jayne loves to run and will take a five-mile-run, five days a week, sometimes six, along with spin classes. Obtaining a personal trainer will benefit you because they challenge you in ways you can’t, and probably won’t, challenge yourself. One of Jayne’s personal mottos regarding exercise, that she uses when comfort food and wine seem so much more tempting, is “You never regret a workout.”

Jayne Moore

Many people think that models don’t eat anything they crave, but that’s simply not true. According to Jayne Moore, as long as you keep your chocolate cravings or comfort food cravings in moderation, there’s no reason to cut them out entirely. Taking in too much sugar and fat makes the body fatigued; makes it open to viruses, and leaves you with a sense of lethargy. Eating chips and fried foods, pizza, and donuts every day will only cause you to fail in your mission to become healthy and powerful. Food is sexy, Jayne Moore says, but don’t waste calories on processed rubbish with unrecognizable ingredients. Eat food in the raw, to charge your cells and boost your immune system.

Jayne Moore

A positive outlook is the glue that pieces all of these elements together. Refraining from negative thoughts and self-defeatist thinking will make exercising, eating the right foods, and taking care of yourself easier, and more fun, each and every day.

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore


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