Jayne Moore Actively Pursues her Many Creative Interests

Currently residing in New York City (her happy place), Jayne Moore is a high-fashion model with an interesting background in both art and the analytical. It never occurred to Jayne to become a model. When she was 16 and saving for her first car, the salon owner where she worked took Jayne under his wing. He worked his magic and uncovered the dazzling beauty underneath.

Jayne Moore

In college, Jayne studied accountancy and psychology. She has a head for formula and structure and appreciated the strategy and resolution that working with numbers gave her. At one time she had planned to become a chartered accountant. It was her dream at the time to join a training program with either PWC or KPMG directly after college.

Jayne Moore

And yet, the artistic side of her yearned for a creative outlet.  In 2006, she received a vocational degree in Art and Design, which involved multimedia art techniques and the study of Art History. Having traveled widely, Jayne realized how incredibly drawn she was to the cultural influences on interior design. Having experienced so many different countries, personal homes and apartments, Jayne fell in love with lighting and when altered, the mood it creates.

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore has spent a lot of time pursuing artistic self-expression. Modeling itself allows Jayne a fair amount of this including shots that have her jumping, leaping and balancing in terrifyingly high heels, modeling in various odd locations such as on sand, or in the breaking surf, or off-road terrain. Channeling the right attitude, knowing how to best highlight a piece of clothing is, in itself, a form of artistic expression. It’s the combination of the photographer’s artistic eye, and the model’s inner buoyancy and imagination that bring an editorial shoot to life.

Jayne Moore

Alongside interior design and modeling, Jayne Moore is also vastly interested in both jewelry design and creative writing. In 2009, Jayne took a class at NYC’s School of Visual arts, which ultimately led her to lost wax carving. In time she is hopeful she will be able to open a small business centered on this type of jewelry design.

Jayne Moore

More than a fashion model, Jayne Moore is a model of what it means to be human. Actively pursuing all of her creative interests and engaging in them to their fullest, Jayne is a fine example of someone who wrings the colors out of life to paint the world with them.

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore


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