Jayne Moore – Fashion Model & Artist

Being both creative and artistic, Jayne Moore enjoys delving into the colorful side of life that allows her to express herself through jewelry, interior design, and writing.

Jayne Moore

In 2009, Jayne joined the School of Visual Arts in New York City and took classes there in jewelry design, silver smithing, and lost wax carving. Currently, she continues this love affair by hiring bench space in a jeweler’s studio in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn. So driven is she that she plans to launch her first jewelry line in 2015.

Jayne Moore

Language has always proven to be a passionate form of self expression for Jayne, so she took creative writing classes at a writer’s study group in Soho. While not a form of artistic expression that Jayne wishes to cultivate further into say, a novel or some other published work, she is happy with providing her writing need an outlet in journal writing, poetry writing, satirical observations and fiction writing.

Jayne Moore

In 2005, Jayne received a diploma in Interior Design at the UK National Design Academy. Through her modeling career, Jayne Moore has traveled the world. She has seen some truly incredible locations including magnificent hotels, amazing personal residences and trendy apartments. It was through these travels that she realized she had a penchant for interior design. Having cultivated an adoration for vintage and antique furniture, Jayne’s interior design style is a mixture of modern and progressive meets yesteryear.

Jayne Moore

As many interior designers will profess, lighting is a crucial element. This element has continually fascinated Jayne and she loves how it can accentuate, change, diffuse, or mask a certain area in a room. She loves playing with the feeling and ambience mood lighting itself can create. Her classes have given her an education in both hotel design and lighting.

Jayne Moore

Being level-headed, Jayne realized from the beginning that perhaps it was best to even-out her artistic endeavors with more analytical ones. Blessed with an interest and talent for both sides of the coin (artistic and analytical), Jayne Moore also majored in accountancy and psychology. At one point she aspired to become a chartered accountant, and then auditor, when she planned on joining a training program within a company such as PWC or KPMG directly out of college.


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