Jayne Moore – International Model inspired by Professional, Compassionate Women

Born in the United Kingdom, Jayne Moore never dreamed of being a model when she was young. Working in a hair salon, it took her boss and mentor to “uncover” her dazzling beauty. Similar to romantic comedies, where the “girl next door” is transformed into a beauty pageant winner, Andrea Zuccaro helped launch Jayne’s international career with her ability to see past her bangs and braces.

Jayne Moore

Being in a predominantly female business, there are many other women Jayne admires and looks up to, some of them from the United Kingdom as well. Take for example, iconic Kate Moss, born in Croydon in 1974, Jayne admires her unique style and raw, slightly rough edges that eventually helped her evolve into her very own, world-wide brand.

Jayne Moore

Strength of character is what inspires Jayne Moore, and is clearly exhibited through her own career evolution. Cameron Russell, whom Jayne calls a “remarkable woman,” cites her insightful, honest and thought-provoking “TED talks” that dig deep behind the surface of fashion modeling.

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore is a firm believer in not wearing fur on shoots or in her personal life. Many of the brands, stylists and creative teams she’s worked with have fully supported her in this. Russian model Anne Vyalitsyna is also very supportive of the anti-fur issue, and Jayne admires how she can be down to earth, warm and compassionate, and still staunchly voice her anti-fur opinion.

Jayne Moore

The fashion world is evolving into a more female-curve friendly arena, and Jayne is happy to see that more and more up and coming models fit this ideal, rather than the mythical size zero the industry has been famous for in the past. Girls like Ann V, Lara Stone, Kate Upton, in addition to models who are mothers as well. Models like Gisele Bundchen, Adrianna Lima, Lily Aldridge, and Dutch model and actress, Doutzen Kroes, bounce back stronger than ever before. These women are truly an inspiration for Jayne Moore, and for every woman.

Jayne Moore

Jayne identifies with these women and their strong sense of female power and unique strength that carries them both through life and through the competitive modeling industry. Not only are they paving the way for themselves, but for future models who will be able to creatively and impressively juggle both mothering and modeling.


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