Jayne Moore – A Model Passionate for Charitable Causes

Jayne Moore is much more than a model. Jayne is also very supportive of a number of charities around the globe. She absolutely adores animals and donates to several animal-oriented charitable foundations. She gives to the NSPCA, WWF, ASPCA, RSPCA, the Blue Cross UK and the Dog’s Trust UK. She is adamantly opposed to wearing fur and refuses to model it. She has stood her ground on this for many years.

Jayne Moore

It sickens her that being in the fashion industry, there’s nothing she can do about the fact that fur is also highly regarded in this industry. However, she is extremely proud that her modeling agency, IMG, always, always has her back when it comes to her no-real-fur shoots stance. Not just IMG, but many brands, stylists and other creative teams have also commended her and supported her viewpoint.

Jayne Moore

Other charities Jayne Moore is fond of supporting are Children International, Care International, and the NSPCC in her homeland, the UK. She is impressed and supportive of the work done by the Red Cross and Planned Parenthood, and donates to these charities as well. She has seen first-hand the difficulties in getting a charitable foundation off the ground. It takes guts and stamina, and because of this, she is more than happy to give to the causes she cares about.

Jayne Moore

Her ability to further the voice of these causes comes from her incredible professional modeling experience. Jayne Moore has worked for brands like Garnier and John Frieda, magazines such as Marie Claire, Glamour and Votre Beaute, lingerie and swimsuits for Saks, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Asos, Calvin Klein, Marks and Spencers, and advertising for Avon and American Beauty.

Jayne Moore

The randomness of her work has always thrilled her. With her varied work she has ridden everything from horses to jetskis, boats, bikes, and cars. She has been suspended by invisible wires, and trapezed, trampolined and danced to capture the right moment, for the right ad. She has been filmed underwater, on sand dunes, and in jungles. She’s worn five inch heels running on abandoned train tracks and shot swimwear in sub-zero weather.

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore’s professional experience has brought her to the point where she can do just about anything because she knows her body from every angle, how to exhibit just the right attitude for the outfit, and exactly how to enhance the cut of a unique piece of clothing.

Jayne Moore


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