Model Jayne Moore – Art and Creativity Inspire Her

Jayne Moore was born in the UK and at the age 16, she was working in a hair salon along side her studies. At the time, her hair was down to her waist, dark blonde and pretty much a shambles. The owner begged her to let him cut it, and in time, she gave in, (Even though she’d been giving plenty of haircuts herself), and this particular haircut completely transformed her life. The salon owner gave her a hip, cool style with disconnected, choppy layers and highlights.

Jayne Moore

He took some photos and entered them into the L’oreal Colour trophy competition. The salon did superbly, and they went to the regional’s, which then took them to the finals, where Jayne Moore walked a runway and was scouted.

Jayne Moore

“I didn’t take it very seriously,” she said. But Select Model Management in London called time and time again, until she agreed to give modeling a shot. And, like her transformative hair cut, her first shoots were exciting, liberating, and changed her entire life.

Jayne Moore

While studying at Farnborough Sixth Form College in the UK she worked for a degree in Art and Design, which included the study of Art History. This was mainly so she could have something to fall back on if her other pursuits didn’t work out, but, she’ll admit, they were more difficult than the other classes she took!

Jayne Moore

While studying accountancy and psychology at farnborough sixth form college, she also studied for a vocational degree in Art and Design, which covered just about everything in-between, at the time she took this as a creative outlet to balance out the other subjects, but she jokes that this course was harder then anything the others threw at her!

Jayne Moore

And even as she’d started her career in modeling (hair design/styling), that creativity never left her. Because of all of the interesting, dynamic places she’d visited, she began to have a taste and sense for interior design. In 2005/2006 she completed a diploma in Interior Design from the UK’s National Design Academy.

Jayne Moore

Her Interior Design degree had Jayne Moore most interested in the interior of hotels. She found herself playing with the mix of trend and days-gone-by, and became obsessed with lighting and how it can completely transform a corner, or an entire room.

Jayne Moore

Alongside modeling in just about every corner of the world, Jayne joined the School of Visual Arts in NYC (NYC is her happy place) in 2009, where she took classes in jewelry design, lost wax carving and silver-smithing.

Jayne Moore

Her artistic flair branched out even farther when she took creative writing classes in Soho. “Poetry and language have always been a passionate form of self-expression for me.” And she liked the challenges the class provided, much as she has brilliantly risen to the challenges of life itself.

Jayne Moore


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