Jayne Moore – The Perfect Body for Lingerie And Swimwear Ads

Jayne Moore, a British fashion model, known for her blonde hair, blue eyes, and sexy hourglass figure, is 5’9.5” tall, has measurements of 34-25-34 and looks hot in all lingerie and swimwear ads.  She started her career as a fashion, lingerie, and swimwear model at the age of 20 when she was booked in ads for Gilly Hicks Lingerie and Calvin Klein Underwear, part of the Abercrombie and Fitch Group.  Since then, she has been doing campaigns for many swimwear and lingerie brands, including ASOS, Saks Fifth Avenue (Cosabella & Hanky Panky brands), Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Marks and Spencer’s.

Jayne Moore

When asked how she is so confident when posing in lingerie or swimwear, Jayne replied “To some extent, an on camera confidence is something you either have or don’t have, I can ironically be quite shy in person, but get me on set and a different side of me emerges, I get to play and have fun and express different sides of my personality, and I love creating “that image”. Obviously body confidence comes from looking after yourself, and knowing that you are at your physical best for a shoot, when you feel your best you deliver your best. If I have something big coming up that I feel nervous about I will always train extra hard, and use that to fuel my own confidence. One thing you will gain with experience is an understanding of what looks good, after a decade of shooting, I know my lighting and how to play on it and work it to my best advantage, I know what angles will work best and what shapes will flatter different styles of clothing… Listen to your team and scrutinize your own pictures to see what works and what doesn’t. Never stop seeking out inspiration also from the high fashion mags and models you admire, past or present, you can learn a lot about style, shape and expression from these shoots, it’s an art form, appreciate it and grow from it.”

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore is one of those sizzling models that looks astonishing whenever posing in swimwear or lingerie. In addition, her beauty and amazing smile astound those who see her walk the runway.

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore uses products from Nuance to maintain natural shine on her body, keeping it for lingerie ads. She says, “There is one particular product I’m in love with, and it’s the Jojoba Dual Phase Body Oil. It’s gorgeous, sprays on easy, leaves your skin like silk and is an oil you can use during the day also – not greasy on the skin, won’t mark your clothes, and, it sort of tastes yummy, too!”

Jayne Moore

Read more about Jayne at http://www.jaynemoore.com/.

Jayne Moore


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