Supermodel Jayne Moore Is An Animal Lover

Jayne Moore is a British supermodel who has received huge media attention for her flawless beauty and hourglass figure. Apart from numerous modeling assignments that keep her busy, are her charitable ventures. Jayne is an avid animal lover and donates to several animal oriented charities in the US and the UK, including – The RSPCA, NSPCA, WWF, ASPCA, The Dogs Trust UK, and The Blue Cross UK. She is also a member of PETA, which is one of the largest animal rights organizations in the world.

Jayne Moore

The model says, “I do not wear fur and will not model it, and have stood by this for several years, not always an easy battle to fight in the fashion industry, but one I have fought many a time and adamantly so, sometimes losing work and/ or being subject to a lot of pressure, nastiness at times and full on debate.”

Jayne Moore

When asked about her take on brands that see fur as a way to promote their collection, she adds, “Yes, sadly fur is still widely used and seen as a luxury within the fashion industry, but I am also proud to say many brands, stylists and creative teams have commended and supported this stand. My worldwide modeling agency IMG, has written into my contracts that I will not shoot real fur and they have always stood by me when a client chooses to dispute it on set. They always fight on my behalf, and are ALWAYS in my corner! Thank you IMG!” Jayne Moore also supports a few other charities like The Red Cross and Planned Parenthood.

Jayne Moore

To learn more about Jayne Moore, visit

Jayne Moore


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