Jayne Moore Maintains Her Physique With Exercise & Balanced Diet

Jayne Moore is a beautiful British fashion model, who has a sexy hourglass figure with height of 5’11” and measurements 34-24-34. She is perfect for lingerie ads and looks hot in all types of lingerie brands. When she was asked that how does she maintain her physique, she answered, “It is a balance of both exercise and diet. I am not a skinny girl by nature. I have muscles from years of dance as a kid, and I build very quickly. I am a huge chocoholic and known for it, and food is something I take so much pleasure in. But, I know how I want my body to feel, so I stay clear of processed nonsense. I fortunately don’t really like junk food like pizza and donuts, chips and fried foods, but I love my carbs and comfort food. I know I have to have them in moderation, and when to say no”.

Jayne Moore

She adds, “The rest I do with exercise, I do five days a week, and that will be anything from a quick five mile run on the Westside River Park to spin or fun classes at Crunch. I also work out with a personal trainer twice a week who challenges me in ways I can’t by myself. Sometimes it’s hard to motivate, especially after work in the winter when it’s dark and cold, but even a powerful 30 minutes is better than nothing peeps!”

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore says, “I travel everywhere with what I call my “travel gym”, which consists of TRX, some elasticated resistance bands and sliding discs. I use crunchlive.com, which anyone can do, and there you have access to unlimited online classes.”

Jayne Moore

Read more about Jayne at http://www.jaynemoore.com/

Jayne Moore


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