Jayne Moore Gives Her Valuable Advice To Upcoming Models

Jayne Moore, a successful British model gives advice to upcoming models of today. She says, “The modeling world is both exciting and exasperating! It’s an elusive, fast paced and unpredictable industry, with a melting pot fusion of characters and, yes, egos. The early days as a model are not easy. Some soar to the top over night, and some take years to even find their market and make any money. Along the way, you will meet a lot of criticism. You will have to put in a lot of time shooting tests with up and coming photographers and stylists, doing editorials for no money, experimenting with your look and trawling around on castings. You will face rejection on a daily basis. If I could give you three words to remember, they would be INTEGRITY, GROUNDING and PLAY.”

Jayne Moore

She further adds, “Keep your real friends around you, and your family close. Learn the people who knew and loved you before this became your world, the people who will bring you a juice when you’re sick. Those are the people who will really cheer you on when things are going well, and support you when they are not.”

Jayne Moore

She says, “It’s very easy to feel like you need to be bigger, better, louder, skinnier, raunchier, more famous, more interesting etc. in this world, but the second you start changing who you are to fit a mold of what you think people want you to be, you will lose yourself. Remember where you came from, wherever that maybe. Never get too big for your boots, because you’ll find yourself barefoot and the ground is rough. “


Jayne Moore encourages young models that they should enjoy their life. She says that models “Get to do the silliest things, go to the most random places, and have cool shots taken of you. Have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously.” Know more about Jayne at http://www.jaynemoore.com/

Jayne Moore


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