Jayne Moore Talks About Her Experience As A Model

Jayne Moore is a British model from the small town of Fleet, rural Hampshire, South East England. She is now based in New York City. She has had a vast and varied career in the modeling field, taking her from the catwalk to campaigns and from magazines to shooting for clients all across the globe. Recently, in an interview, she was asked about her professional experience. She replied, “This is a funny question, as the kind of “experience” one acquires being a model is not really conventional. I could joke that I know how to jump, leap and balance in precarious heels, model in sand, surf or off road terrain, know how to bounce my hair for action shots and hair ads and how to move, but joking aside, when fashion, body and beauty is your profession, these are all skills that you gain with experience and are pretty darn important.”

Jayne Moore

She added, “I have experience with hair work, TV and print for brands such as John Frieda and Garnier. I have done beauty for such magazines as Marie Claire, Glamour and Votre Beaute, Advertising for Avon and American Beauty, lingerie and swim for Saks, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Calvin Klein, Asos, Gottex, Marks and Spencer’s to name a few. I know my body from every angle, how to channel the attitude an outfit creates and how to flaunt the shape of a cleverly cut piece of clothing. I have ridden horses and jet skies, driven cars, boats and bikes, I have been suspended on invisible wires for a TV ad, I’ve trapezed, trampolined and danced to capture that moment, run on cobbled streets and abandoned train tracks in 5inch heels, shot swimwear in sub zero temperatures, rock climbed, filmed under water, in jungles and on sand dunes. “

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore said, “I don’t have an orderly or traditional CV, my job has demanded more of me then I ever thought I’d measure up to, but this is the thrill of the random variety that is work as a model, and learning to be spontaneous and yes, sometime courageous, that is my professional experience.”

Jayne Moore

To know more about Jayne, visit the website http://www.jaynemoore.com/

Jayne Moore


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