Jayne Moore – A Model With A Wide Range of Interests  

Jayne Moore is a mixed bag of beauty and character! Having both an analytical mind and liking formula and structure, she majored in accountancy and psychology at college. She says, “The psychology behind human behavior has always been something of a fascination to me, why and how we work, cycles and habits we get into, and how circumstance and environment can not only shape and affect the people we become, but also have us act in the now, in ways we think we never could or would. Also the long standing Nature vs. Nurture debate is something I still, to this day, spend time musing over, are we “born this way” or simply a product of accumulated influential factors of our past.”

Jayne Moore

Alongside accountancy and psychology, Jayne Moore did a vocational degree in Art and Design, which covered a broad spectrum of multimedia art techniques as well as the study of Art History. She aspired to become a chartered accountant, then auditor, and planned to pursue that dream by joining a training program within a company such as PWC or KPMG right out of college. She has always been artistic and very creative, so she took vocational study to expand her skills.

Jayne Moore

In 2005/2006, she took a diploma in Interior Design at National Design Academy in UK. By the end of 2006, she moved to New York City and proceeded with the continuation of a degree in Interior Design. In 2009, she joined the School of Visual Arts in NYC, took classes in Jewelry design, silver smithing and Lost Wax Carving. She also took classes and one-on-one training at The London Jewelry School in 2011.

Jayne Moore

It was an unexpected move in her life when Jayne Moore got a modeling opportunity from L’Oreal and she became a well-known model of today. To know more about her, visit the website http://www.jaynemoore.com/.

Jayne Moore


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