Jayne Moore: The Creative Side

Jayne Moore is a glamorous supermodel with intense blue eyes. World-famous designers and photographers alike have fallen under her spell. She is represented by number one agency in New York City, IMG Models, which represents models like Jessica Stam and Naomi Campbell. She has done advertising for Avon and American Beauty, lingerie and swim for Saks, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Calvin Klein, Asos, Gottex, and Marks and Spencer to name a few. She knows how to flaunt the shape of a cleverly cut piece of clothing. Yet, despite the supermodel status, Jayne Moore is just a down-home girl from Fleet, Hampshire, England.

Jayne Moore

In addition to modeling, Jayne Moore has always been artistic and creative. She has been to many countries and enjoys learning about new cultures, meeting new people, and seeing incredible homes and cool apartments. She says, “You are born with creativity and the opportunity for talent – both need to be nurtured to develop into skills.”

Jayne Moore

Jayne Moore has a real interest in interior designing. For her, artistic creativity is a response to the internal need for expression and stimulation. She has a diploma in Interior Design from the UK National Design Academy. She also took classes and one-on-one training at The London Jewelry School. In 2009, she joined the School of Visual Arts in NYC, taking classes in jewelry design, silversmithing and lost wax carving. She hopes to launch her jewelry line soon. To know more about her, please browse through http://www.jaynemoore.com.

Jayne Moore


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