Jayne Moore – A Sexy Lingerie Model

Jayne Moore is one of the hottest models in the international modeling world. She looks sophisticated and devastatingly gorgeous whenever she poses in lingerie or swimwear. She is well-known for her glowing skin and perfect hourglass figure. While posing, Jayne makes sure that she exudes charm, charisma and sex-appeal wearing her favorite pieces from the designers collection. She was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated Magazine, on a casting for the famous swimwear issue. Jayne’s girlish charm, quick wit and undeniable beauty can be seen from the simple pictures and interview. Her beauty with a minimal amount of make-up is truly noteworthy.


As a model, Jayne Moore never hesitates to show her femininity. She amazes the camera with her beauty and her charisma as a great model. She says, “being sexy is not only about physical appearance, but is also related to inner quality, so to feel sexy on the outside you need to feel it from within.”

Jayne Moore Model

Jayne Moore is not only beautiful, but also makes an impression with her attractive smile. Audrey Hepburn said “Happy girls are the prettiest girls” which is very apparent in Jayne. Her sexiness, personal style, and body language make her a favorite of designers and renowned photographers. For more details, please browse through www.jaynemoore.com.

Jayne Moore Top Model


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