Jayne Moore Donates To Charitable Causes

Jayne Moore, from Fleet in rural Hampshire, is a popular model based in NYC and is represented by powerhouse agency IMG Models. She has had a successful career that took her from catwalk to campaigns and from magazines to photo shoots. She is associated with several big brands including Garnier, CK, Macy’s, Sak’s, Vince Camuto and Bloomingdale’s. She is recently featured in a new TV commercial of Garnier Fructis. Jayne looks amazingly fabulous in the vibrant commercial with her big blue eyes and glossy blond locks.

Jayne Moore

Along with her modeling, she makes sure to find time for her interests and passions. She is a big animal lover and donates to several charities in the UK and the US, including The RSPCA, NSPCA, WWF, ASPCA, The Dogs Trust and The Blue Cross. She is also a member of PETA and neither wears fur nor will she shoot it. On this she says, “It’s not always an easy battle to fight in the fashion industry, but one I have fought many a time and adamantly so, sometimes losing work and/or being subject to a lot of pressure, nastiness at times and full on debate.”

Jayne Moore
Jayne Moore further adds, “Yes, sadly fur is still widely used and seen as a luxury within the fashion industry, but I am also proud to say many brands, stylists and creative teams have commended and supported this stand, as does IMG, my worldwide modeling agency, who have always stood by me and are ALWAYS in my corner! That makes me proud.”

Jayne Moore

She supports several other charities as well, like Children International, Care International and the NSPCC as well as what she calls “action charities” including The Red Cross and Planned Parenthood. She believes that they do more than anyone really realizes. She says, “It’s as much the small monthly contributions, as it is the grand gestures to all these causes that enable them to do such incredible works. To have the vision, determination, and ultimately the balls to found and get a charity off the ground, and not be deterred by the many many things that they have, will and do come up against, and continually chase funding, accumulate teams, educate/ train and operate, on any scale, is not something to take lightly, I know myself I do not have what it takes, the mind or those “balls”, so for me it is important to contribute where you can, and I am grateful to those that make it happen.”

Jayne MooreDiscover more about Jayne Moore, her contribution to the modeling world and her stunning images by browsing through the website http://www.jaynemoore.com/.

Jayne Moore


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